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What's your way to positive impact?

Strategist || Facilitator of change || Sustainability & Engagement

​I give brands and corporates the expertise, inspiration and guidance to ignite action. I work with dedication and passion on (employee) engagement strategies, programs and campaigns that accelerate social & sustainable impact.

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What I do

For over a decade I'm on a mission to activate as many employees possible to make their business more sustainable by the way they behave, decisions they take and actions they realize.

I do this because I believe the fastest and most sustainable route for companies to be(come) a sustainable business is by making sure employees 'own' it.

Once they own sustainability they will continuously drive sustainability in their role and responsibilities by taking 'the right' decisions and actions.

Companies should guide and empower employees by providing them with the right skills and tools at the right time. 

And that's where I hope to come in.

I can support your company in this journey and create the right strategy and tools for you to help transform your employees into sustainability powerhouses!

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