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How do you empower your employees in sustainability?

Does your workforce know what sustainability really means? What it means for your business? What your sustainability ambition and strategy is? Do colleagues understand what they can do at work to contribute?

​I provide companies with the expertise, inspiration and guidance to create a culture of sustainability. I work with dedication and passion to enable employees to contribute to the companies' sustainability ambition.

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What I love to do

Consultant Sustainability & Engagement || Strategist || Facilitator of change 

I'm on a mission to activate and empower as many employees possible to make their business more sustainable by the way they behave, decisions they take and actions they realize.

The solutions that I create together with my clients are geared towards making employees 'own' the topic of sustainability and understand how it comes to play in their everyday work.

That way they feel more equipped to continuously drive sustainability in their role and take decisions and the right actions.

I don't offer one fixed service or solution. It's about finding out what your employees need & want now. 

Please do reach out to me if you like to discuss either something small or big, vague idea or defined project.

I would love to learn from your ideas and ambitions and find out in what way I might bring them to life together with you. 

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